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The Most Romantic Island Getaways
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The Most Romantic Island Getaways

Whether you’re celebrating a special day, spending some time together for your anniversary, or simply looking to enjoy new experiences together, there is hardly any better way to express your love and show your appreciation for your significant other than with an island getaway. Between the beautiful blue colors of the ocean waves, the soft textures of the white sand beaches, and the gentle sounds of the waves swooshing up against the shore, spending some time away on a remote island can be a magical way to strengthen your bond and empower your relationship. Discover the world’s most romantic island getaways and get inspired for where you and your loved one can travel to next.

Bali, Indonesia

With a powerful energy vortex that travelers often report upon visiting, you will fall deeply in love with this island. There is truly no better place to disconnect from the outside world and spend some quality time bonding with your loved one. With its pristine white sand beaches, beautiful blue waters, lush green landscapes, and magical and exotic temples, this breathtaking destination is known for its ethereal natural beauty overlooking the Indian Ocean and warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are plenty of romantic restaurants to dine in and an abundance of spas and wellness centers to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul on your trip to Bali.

Couple in Bali

The Maldives

If you would like to lay back and relax in a tropical paradise, the Maldives is a magical place where you can truly experience heaven on Earth. This island paradise is home to some of the clearest ocean waters on the planet, an abundance of colorful coral reefs, and plenty of opportunities to take part in exhilarating water sports and seaside activities. With private overwater bungalows and romantic beachside sunsets, this is a fantastic place to spend some quality time together in a remote place and immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of mother nature. 

Couple in the Maldives

Santorini, Greece

Home to an abundance of beautiful islands, it can be difficult for the typical traveler to decide on a Greek island. However, if you and your loved one are looking to head one of the most romantic island getaways, we definitely recommend heading on a trip to Santorini. This dreamy island is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets and seaside vistas you will ever lay your eyes upon. This is a fantastic place for couples to head on their honeymoon or anniversary trips to a destination that is filled with dreamy beaches, colorful streets, and plenty of places to learn about Greek art, history, and architecture — especially when it’s paired with Athens, Crete, and other fascinating places.

Santorini, Greece


Situated off the coast of Southern Türkiye, Cyprus is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Known for its sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and stunning blue waters, it is no wonder why traveling to Cyprus will make for a romantic trip. Rugged mountains, breathtaking landscapes, fine wines, and friendly locals make this Mediterranean beauty a peaceful place to lay back and relax amid crystal clear ocean waters and soak up the sun. Places like Paphos and Nicosia are steeped in ancient history which makes this a wonderful place to lay back, relax, and open up your mind to new possibilities — not to mention this is one of the most beautiful and affordable romantic island getaways.

Cyprus Beach

Capri, Italy

Imagine sitting on a hilltop restaurant looking over the beautiful blue views of the Tyrrhenian Sea with your significant other, while sipping on fine wine and eating up creamy pasta parmigiana or tasting the refreshing flavors of a Caprese salad paired with a shot of limoncello. You can turn your dreams into reality and head on an incredible island escape in Capri, perhaps the most romantic island in Italy. Take the funicular cable car up Monte Solaro, head on a picturesque rowboat our through the electrifying Blue Grotto or take a stroll through the beautiful botanical gardens of Giardini di Augusto.

Couple in Capri


Filled with shimmering blue waters and powdery white sand beaches, Mauritius is a tropical paradise where you can leave your worries behind — especially when you head on an all-inclusive trip! With a fascinating blend of different cultures and warm and friendly locals, you will feel incredibly welcomed to the island and comfortable laying back and soaking up the sun, taking part in exhilarating water sports, or making your way over to a local bar. There are also plenty of mountains where you can spend some quality time together bonding or enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes from scuba diving, snorkeling, cave sea kayaking, underwater sea walking, and more.



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