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How to Prevent Upset Stomach in India
By March 1, 2023 No Comments

How to Prevent Upset Stomach in India

If you are planning a trip to India and have decided to miss out on the delicious food and cuisines to avoid the infamous ‘Delhi Belly,’ think again. A trip to India is incomplete without the scrumptious treats it has to offer. Let’s dive right in and learn how to prevent an upset stomach on your trip to India.

1. Use Bottled Water

While people take precautions and drink bottled water, they forget to hold back on the ice. It is easier to avoid having ice than to trace its source. to prevent an upset stomach, keep yourself hydrated and drink water, as it soothes your tummy.

2. Keep your orders hot!

When exploring street food make sure your meal is fresh and hot. Cold and stale food can often lead to a Delhi belly. Another pro tip: Follow the crowd. Places that are more crowded serve fresh food, so go to popular food spots and take guidance from the locals.

3. Drink/Eat Probiotics

A course of probiotics can also help you deal with Delhi belly. Indulge in yogurts and probiotic drinks like buttermilk and kombucha tea with and between your meals.

4. Keep your Hands Clean

Though a simple suggestion, clean and sanitized hands can save you from a lot of trouble. Wash your hands before every meal. Do the same with your cutlery. You can also eat with your hands and enjoy the food like the locals. As per Ayurveda (an ancient science of Indian medicine based on natural products) there are several benefits of eating your food with your hands.

Not comfortable with eating with your hands? You can ask your server for disposable spoons or carry your own set.

5. Sanitize Your Phone

We might not realize it, but our phone can be a carrier for several viruses as it gets exposed to everything. While traveling you should sanitize your phone often and avoid keeping it on dirty surfaces.

6. Take Baby Steps

Getting ill on a trip can be heartbreaking. It makes you miss out on exploring the culture and the cuisine of a destination. The first rule of thumb is to ease yourself in and be kind to your tummy. It’s easy to get tempted to try new recipes when you arrive at a new destination. However, it is best to eat light and slowly start exploring the other varieties of food. Start with vegetarian food and then move on to meat.

prevent upset stomach in india

Despite all the precautions, if you still get Indian Delhi Belly, follow these steps to recover-

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Apart from water, you can drink lime sodas.
  • Avoid dairy products for the rest of your trip, as dairy can add-on to your stomach woes.
  • Keep your diet light. Eat rice with curd and fruits to provide some relief to your stomach.
  • Avoid eating meat as well.
  • If you still feel uncomfortable, reach out and visit a doctor for prescribed medicines.

These steps will help you get better in case you get struck by Delhi Belly. So, are you ready for a taste of India?


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