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Our 4 Favorite Mediterranean Destinations
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Our 4 Favorite Mediterranean Destinations

Superb beaches, splendid architecture, historical cities, unspoiled forest- the Mediterranean’s appeal holds you for life. Being the cradle of Western civilization, this region is unrivaled when it comes to the richness of cultural legacy. Prehistoric paintings of France, Greek and Roman monuments, Gothic cathedrals, baroque facades, and celebrated art galleries speak for the greatness of the European ancestors. Bringing the finest in everything, the region continues to charm to you with sumptuous food. Fill not only your bellies but also the heart in France and Italy and gorge upon the specialties like tappas in Spain and kebaps in Türkiye.

Since only one trip is not enough to cap the beauty of this region, here are our favorite destinations that shouldn’t be missed while you are in Mediterranean Europe:

Cordoba, Spain

The city is beyond the gorgeous building Mezquita which is one of the greatest Islamic-buildings. Cordoba tests your patience until you decide to let loose and enjoy whatever comes your way. As you walk down the winding stone-paved lanes of this city, you witness its charm unfolding its magic upon you. With high-end restaurants, lovely accommodation, this medieval gem gradually takes you on its side. On your way to the most culturally blessed city of Europe, you will also get to see La, Macha, the land of Don Quixote.

Capri, Italy

Capri is close to perfection-it really is. Maybe this is why it is called the Island of the rich. Nothing seems to be placed here unintentionally; the transparent blue water of the sea, the extraordinary villas, the trimmed gardens, everything is meant to be part of this exotic place. A lavish feel wraps the city, from its highly expensive jewelry shops to trendy restaurants, you will be compelled to taste extravagance.

Kos, Greece

A sudden rush of treasures awaits you at Kos, Greece. A medieval castle, millennia-old Corinthian columns, sun-pampered beaches, and the lush green valleys are some of the few finds of this treasure that you will definitely come across. Explore the wonderful ancient ruins and stroll along the waterfront before returning to Athens to turn the several layers of history with its grand palaces and monuments. 

Split, Croatia

Live like a Dalmatian in the second-largest city of Croatia and experience the exuberance of traditional ways. Give a princely feeling to yourself in the Diocletian’s Palace, which has been declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Split comes with dozens of bars and restaurants, creating a lively nightlife. Adding to the existing vibe of Split is the serenity of its coastal mountains that may divert your attention and extract you for a while from its suburbs. 

Every year millions of tourists come rushing to the Mediterranean, making it the topmost tourist destination. While most of the tourists directly run towards famous locations like Dubrovnik, you can enjoy the less crowded Med and experience the more of this region with Indus travel. Go through our carefully curated itinerary for every place on our destination page and book the one which suits you the best.  


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