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How Can You Take Advantage of River Cruise Wave Season Sales?
By February 14, 2020 No Comments

How Can You Take Advantage of River Cruise Wave Season Sales?

The wave of wave season is here to sweep you off your feet and set you in the sun of balmy
days. A wave of promotions, discounts, and perks on river cruises makes the first few months of
the year irresistible and which is why it is called the wave season. Though it is not the only time
of the year when you can get a good deal on a river cruise, it is the time you can take advantage
of the competition because during this season, the cruise lines try to outshine each other with
exciting offers.

So how will you steer your way to land an amazing deal?

Do your homework

“Special Offers, Reduced price, Greatest deals, Exciting deals” are the words you will often get
to hear while booking, but did you check out the average price you were paying without a deal?
What is the itinerary you have in mind? How much do you plan to spend on experiences like a
shore excursion? How much is the price of a balcony cabin? What are the highlights of the trip?
And most importantly, what is your dream destination- Europe or South America?
Behind those super saver deals, there can be some hidden terms and conditions that the
customers are completely oblivious of. Despite these, the wave season is definitely the period of
bonanza offers, and with a bit of research, you can grab a great deal for you.

Find the perfect cruise tour for you

Well, in the end, everything is all about the experience; hence the most important thing is the
itinerary that you would like to go with. Depending on the vacation style, you would have to
consider the amenities provided by different cruises on board.
If you want to feel the adrenaline rush that comes while exploring the nature, a cruise tour like
Pure Patagonia would be apt for you. A European cruise tour is incomplete without sailing
through the magical Rhine and Danube, and some of the best tours that cover this extensive
stretch are the Dazzling Danube, Radiant Rhine, and the Rhine and Danube symphony.  For
those who would like to delve into the history and culture while exploring the most beautiful
landscapes of Europe like the famous ‘traboules’- secret passages and celebrity-ridden French
Riviera, a tour like Splendid South of France is an ideal choice. 
Europe is the dream destination for many especially when it comes to river cruise tour but if you
are willing go beyond, the exotica land of Southeast Asia awaits you. Spend the initial days in a
luxury hotel, sail through the lush rice fields en route Phnom Penh and immerse in the cultural
experience of Cambodia on a Mekong river cruise.
Start planning early to avoid those last-minute deals and take advantage of the of this Wave
season for riding the wave of unlimited fun.


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