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How to Pick the Best Tour Company
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How to Pick the Best Tour Company

Are you thinking about taking a trip but not sure where to start? You can go through the time and hassle of booking each flight, hotel, train, and excursion separately, which can be quite exhausting – or you can have it all arranged for you, and get access to the best possible prices, hotels, and excursions when you book your trip with a tour operator company. Discover the benefits of traveling with a tour operator and find out how to choose the best tour company for you.

The Benefits of Traveling with a Tour Operator

Everything Will Be Organized for You

When you book your trip with a tour operator, one of the biggest advantages is having all of your flights and accommodations booked for you. This is certainly the most frustrating process to do on your own, as researching every option for the dates and prices can be quite exhausting. But with long-lasting relationships with airlines and suppliers within the travel industry, tour experts are able to leverage the best possible prices, deals, accommodations, and transportation in one package, that will feature all the essentials and often include extras, such as breakfast, airport transfers, city excursions, and other meals.

You Can Access Special Insider Prices

Speaking of which, with their trusty relationships with airlines and suppliers, booking your trip with a tour operator can actually save you plenty of money. You might have thought you’d have to pay higher fees for these packages, but in reality, when you buy a bundle from a provider that has been operating for over 20 years, they will already know the ins and outs of the industry, including the best dates to fly, where to stay to get the best experiences with the best possible prices, and most importantly, they are able to get exclusive access to special discounts that are only available within the industry itself.

Travel Experts Will Be Right There For You

You can take measures to fully prepare for your trip, but it’s not guaranteed everything will go according to plan. Life can be unexpected at times, and when it comes to delays, missed flights, and cancellations, these experiences can be quite stressful to deal with in foreign countries. However, there will be no need to fret when you book your trip with a tour operator. You will have a team of knowledgeable, caring travel experts who will know what to do when you run into problems and be by your side from the start to end. It really pays to have someone on your team – who better than industry professionals?

You Can Receive Personalized Recommendations

With so many options for where you can go, when you should travel, and what to do, the process of planning a trip can get quite confusing. Rather than doing it all yourself, you can lighten the process by having a number to reach out to, where you can ask for personalized recommendations for planning the perfect trip. The Indus experts have traveled the world and are very passionate about what they do and will be more than happy to pick up the phone and help you plan your dream trip. With hundreds of itineraries to 80+ destinations around the world, your perfect vacation is only a phone call away.

How to Pick the Best Tour Company

Read About the Company and Travel Experts

Before you pick the best tour operator, make sure you take the time to learn the story behind the company, and how many years they have been in business. Are they experienced at what they do? And are you able to learn about the travel experts so you know who you will be planning your trip with? Also, make sure you read about social responsibility. Are they supporting organizations that help improve the communities in the destinations they travel to, in support of the environment and the people?

Find Out What Travel Styles Are Available

This depends on what type of tour you’re looking for, but when you book your trip with a company with several travel styles available, you will have many options to choose from! Whether you prefer to get some physical activity with walking, hiking, biking, or trekking tours, you’d like to search for powerful predators with safari expeditions, or you would rather keep it simple and focus on making close connections with groups of two-six travelers with ultra-small group tours, Indus offers it all and more!

Learn about the travel styles available or the destinations you can explore.

Do They Offer Flexible Payment Plans?

Another important question to look at when choosing the best tour operator company is whether they have flexible payment plans available. This is especially important for those times when you want to book a trip without having saved up for it months in advance. These situations can definitely arise, making you not want to miss out on incredible experiences but also want to be financially smart. Indus offers flexible payment plans available with interest-free options so you can budget accordingly!

How About a Safe Travels Assurance Policy?

During these unprecedented times, you must miss traveling the world. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a trip during COVID-19! When you book a trip with a tour operator company, check to make sure they have a Safe Travels Assurance Policy that involves following health and safety guidelines suggested by the WHO, along with a COVID-cancelation policy if you book your trip and later decide you don’t want to go, or the circumstances don’t fit your travel plans anymore. Risk-free bookings!

Who Are the Tour Guides at the Destinations?

The tour guide you have at your destination will make a big impact on the way your trip goes. They will be the ones teaching you everything you need to know about your destination during your trip, between history, culture, and local tips and secrets. What better person to have as a tour guide than a local from the destination? All of the tour guides at Indus Travels are expert locals who are from the destinations you will be traveling to, so they will have the best insider tips, so you can explore your country the way a local would.

Do You Have to Pay Fees For Single Supplements?

This question goes out to all the solo travelers out there. Going out to see the world on your own can make for a truly fascinating journey that takes freedom and flexibility to a whole new level. However, you probably won’t want to room with strangers – but how can you do that without breaking the bank? Fees for single supplements tour operators often charge can be hefty, and really add up. That’s why it’s important to find a tour company that doesn’t charge fees for single supplements for solo tours, so you travel in comfort and style while doing your wallet a favor.

Take the Opportunity to Ask Questions

With all of these tips in mind, the best way to find out if a tour operator is for you is by contacting them directly. Speak with a travel expert on the phone who will answer any questions you may have, give you personalized tips for planning your trip, and help you through the process. You can rest assured the experts at Indus Travels will be there for you if any questions rise or anything were to occur, so they will never leave you stranded. You will be supported on your journey, as the team of travel experts will place your experience as a top priority.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to take the first step into planning your trip, or you have questions you want to ask, reach out to the passionate travel experts at Indus Travels today, and find out what your options are!


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