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How to Choose a Safari Travel Destination in Africa
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How to Choose a Safari Travel Destination in Africa

Going awestruck at every other moment, being thrilled by your sudden discovery, or just simply feeling contented, an African Safari is everything you seek from your travel. It’s a very uncommon form of luxury that can be understood by only a handful of people who know that travel is not only about a new place, but it is also about finding beauty and amazement even in the most adventurous situations of life.

If you are someone who has a thing for experiencing the rawness of a place, here are the best safari destinations travels in Africa:


The abundance of wildlife in the Moremi National Park will take your safari experience to another level. Take the traditional dugout canoes on the waterways of the Okavango Delta which has been bestowed with one of the best landscapes of Africa. A cruise on the Chobe River during sunset is perfect for spotting wild animals like elephants, rhinos, and many other species. Botswana is a dream if you will live for adrenaline-pumping experiences.


Truly epic, Kenya surprises you with diverse landforms, unique culture, and extremely rich wildlife. It’s amazing that in this age of technology, the Maasai and Samburu tribes still found ways to stay relevant. Explore the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, where you will get to see free-spirited Zebras being chased by the lion. 


Here are the calls of lemurs in this small island country with tropical beaches.  Madagascar’s exceptionally colorful culture gives you ample opportunity to witness such traditions and rituals that you can experience nowhere else in the world. To the east of the island, you will see rainforest-covered hills, and in the south, you will see the sudden change in landscape with desert near the coast. There is a lot more in this African safari


The best thing about Namibia is that a huge part of this country is still untouched. It is a land of ultimate discovery with endless desert stretches and beautiful rock formations. The grass plains of Kalahari and the rich wildlife in Etosha National Park give you all the more reason to stay longer.


Warm people and the uniqueness of topography make Tanzania one of the best countries for a wildlife safari. Relax on the white sand beaches and go on historical and archaeological ventures, Tanzania offers something for everyone.


A paradise for animal lovers, Uganda boasts a high diversity of wildlife. Since only a few travelers attempt to take this ride, the country has been successful in keeping its magic alive. Home to Africa’s tallest mountain range, Uganda unfolds itself slowly but breathtakingly.


Spot the big fives (leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, and buffalo) in the national parks of Zimbabwe and stand in awe of the world heritage sites. The lush mountains and the laidback towns of this country aim to take you back in time.

Seen as an activity of the rich, the wild safaris are slowly gaining popularity even among the common travelers. For detailed information about our various safari destination tours, visit our destination page and choose the tour that suits you the best. 


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