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The Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve Around the World
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The Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve Around the World

Whether you believe in setting goals or taking up new habits, stepping foot into the new year is a great opportunity to start fresh. What better way to do this than by spending New Year’s Eve in a foreign country, where the customs are unique, the traditions are different, and the energy is one of a kind? Mix things up and gain inspiration on where you might want to go as you learn about the most festive celebrations that take place in every continent (excluding Antarctica) — so let’s get started and discover the best places to spend New Year’s Eve around the world!

The Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve Around the World

Moscow, Russia

With grand fireworks being displayed, delectable meals being served, and glamorous gatherings taking place, Russia is a country that does not take its New Year’s celebrations lightly. This is the biggest holiday in Russia which attracts travelers from all around the world to come and take part in the festivities. It is believed that how you start the year is how you will spend it — so this a time for locals to dress to impress and get together with their friends and family for a night of celebrations. If you’re wondering where to spend New Year’s Eve in Russia, you can soak up the energy of Moscow’s Red Square and see the incredible fireworks being displayed as you explore the Russian capitals and prepare for a night of beauty and grandeur. This is the perfect time to plan your trip to Russia for!

Red Square Fireworks, Moscow, Best Places to Spend New Year's Eve

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil, specifically Rio de Janeiro, hosts the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world. On the beaches, you will see grand fireworks being displayed — especially by Copacabana, the most famous beach in Brazil, where famous artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Rod Stewart have given grand performances. Locals and travelers alike get together to see the fireworks and join the parties. Tradition has it to wear white as this color symbolizes peace and it is believed that the colors you wear will dictate how your year will go. Eating lentils and pomegranates are customary to bring good luck and wealth to families and keeping a bay leaf in your pocket is believed to bring good luck into the following year — so keep that in mind for your trip to Rio de Janeiro!


Sydney, Australia

Trailing in behind Rio, Sydney ranks in as a close second to the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world. Thanks to its far east location, Australia boasts one of the most ahead time zones on Earth, which makes sense why so many people who are eager to welcome in the new year travel to Sydney to celebrate. With reverse seasons to what North Americans are used to, it is also summer in Australia in January — which means sunny skies, warm weather, and plenty of opportunities for swimming and celebrating without worrying about freezing in the cold. You can actually enjoy the weather, which will free up so much energy for celebrating in one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve around the world. A bonus point is they also speak English — so no need to worry about taking on a foreign language!

Sydney Harbour Fireworks, Best Places to Spend New Year's Eve

New York City, USA

Head into the heart of the Big Apple for a trip that is close to home and filled with lights, cameras, and celebrities. Times Square hosts one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in the world — chances are you’ve seen this on TV as Ryan Seacrest is known to host the annual celebration and welcome famous artists to perform their hit songs amidst the crowds. “The Ball Drop” will take place at 11:59 PM as it makes its way down the pole and marks the start of the new year. Soak up the lively energy that is roaming within the square and throughout NYC as you surround yourself with flashing lights, famous artists, lit-up billboards, and great vibes as you soak up the positive energy and start your trip to the American East Coast on a great note.

Times Square in New York City

Dubai, UAE

If you’re ready for a glamorous trip that is filled with shimmering skyscrapers, modern mega-malls, and some of the biggest buildings on the planet, you will be blown away with a few nights in Dubai. You can choose between hundreds of parties that take place in bars and restaurants or prepare to be amazed by the fireworks in downtown Dubai as you spend some time by the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. There will be plenty of day activities at the Dubai Creek Harbour and deluxe restaurants to dine in by the Dubai Marina. You can also join glamorous gala dinners, see the fireworks from the fancy rooftop terraces, or let the music take over with live DJ performances, tasty appetizers, and mixed drinks for a night of fun and entertainment. Another great option is to mix Dubai with Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE known for its powerful palaces and exotic architecture, home to the largest sand desert on Earth.

Colorful Fireworks in Dubai, Best Places to Spend New Year's Eve

Cape Town, South Africa

Make your way down south to discover the beauty and grandeur of Cape Town, a city that is full of energy and booming with excitement. This lively city goes above and beyond with their New Year’s celebrations as locals get together with their family and friends and prepare for a night of festivities. Extravagant dinners and grand countdowns are commonplace as the clock counts down to midnight. As a visitor your options to celebrate will be abundant — you can see the fireworks and circus performance as you join the party at the waterfront, head on a hot air balloon safari, join the illuminated parade of the Festival of Lights, or spend the night dancing under the lights at the Open-Air Revolution Music Festival!

Champagne Glasses

If you have any questions about these destinations, or you want suggestions on where you can go, consult with our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts. They will be happy to help you plan your dream vacation!


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