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The Benefits of River Cruising
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The Benefits of River Cruising

One of the most common dilemmas for travelers is wanting to see the world while craving a relaxing vacation. But who says you can’t get the best of both as you reap the benefits of river cruising?

Embarking on a river cruise is one of the most relaxing ways to travel. The staff will take care of all your needs and make you feel right at home. River cruises are designed to help travelers discover the best of every country they visit, without the need for constant unpacking, boarding flights, or rushing to catch the next train. They also offer great value for the money you pay — you can explore several destinations with the comfort of a floating hotel.

Let’s explore the benefits of river cruising:

The Benefits of River Cruising

Only Unpack Once

With a river cruise, there is no need for constant unpacking. You can see the beauty of the world without constantly changing hotels or dragging your belongings. Settle into your room on water and let your boat take you to fascinating destinations. You and your luggage will wake up in a new city every morning! You will feel comfortable, recharged, and ready to begin each day.

Luxury and Comfort

River cruising will make you feel at home away from home. This is the most intimate form of cruise! It will be easier to secure a comfortable room with a breathtaking view — although every room on boat typically offers beautiful views. You will also enjoy an incredible range of culinary options with international entertainment. Whether you want to enjoy a luxury evening in the restaurant or watch a movie from the comfort of your room, the choice is up to you. Your land and onboard experiences will be unmatched!

Immersive Vacation

River cruises offer the advantage of docking in ports and islands inaccessible to larger ships. Many of these destinations will be unspoiled by crowds of tourists — take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions! A new destination will be a doorstep away every day. Explore city centers or coastal towns the second you disembark the ship without worrying about taxis, buses, or crowds. Not to mention the staff will help suggest optional excursions, to make sure your experience on land matches your experience onboard.

Smooth Sailing

River cruising is far slower than traveling by sea. You may feel more comfortable cruising at a slower pace. The boat will feel less rocky, and you will be far less likely to experience seasickness. There will also be more options to dock the boat en route considering its pace and size. Your captain may be able to stop in fascinating cities along your journey.  

Breathtaking Views

Considering you will be close to shore as you travel from city to city; river cruising will show you much more than vast ocean waves! Discover the most magnificent destinations in the world as you uncover historic attractions, picturesque cityscapes, and legendary monuments. Peak through the lens of the ship and eagerly anticipate docking in every city. Bask in breathtaking views in and outside the cruise — even when the ship is moving you can enjoy beautiful sights! Choose to stay on the cruise for spectacular views of the port or disembark the ship to explore the town.

Cultural Experience

River cruises do not take you to the outlands or suburbs of your favorite destinations. They take you to the heart of the city, where you may admire the magnificent architecture, famous city attractions, and taste the delicacies of local cuisine in the heart of the country. Embark on a truly unexceptional experience as you immerse yourself in the culture of your dream destination.  

Heightened Safety

River cruising is one of the safest options for traveling on water. If there is any need to stop or disembark the ship, you will have close access to land and resources. You will be cruising along the shores of many cities along your journey which are within proximity. Keep in mind security is also heightened to help ensure safe travels.

The Best Destinations For a River Cruise

So, now you know the benefits of river cruising. But where should you go?

There are many extraordinary destinations around the world that would make the perfect option for river cruising. This is truly a great travel style considering you can discover the most magnificent historical sites and breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of your cabin. Let’s explore some of the best areas for river cruises:


Egypt is one of the most fascinating destinations on Earth. From ancient civilizations to Great Pyramids, there is no wonder why Egypt has become a top tourist attraction! This extraordinary country is full of mystery and wonder waiting to be explored. Nearly all of these Egyptian river cruises sail along the Nile, the longest river in the world stretching at 4,160 miles. Bask in the beauty of the Valley of the Kings, a fascinating burial ground for the Pharaohs. Explore the rock temples of Abu Simbel, the most famous ancient site in Egypt. Visit the ancient temples of Luxor and uncover Egyptian artifacts in Aswan as you embark on a magical journey through time and water.  

Nile River in Egypt

Home to some of the most extraordinary architecture and magnificent cultural attractions you can find; Europe is full of surprises. Despite their proximity, every country you travel to will show you an entirely different culture, history, and way of life. Discover these extraordinary river cruises through major European capitals. Cruise along the most beautiful rivers in Europe with an extravagant journey along the River Danube, Rhine, Seine, or Moselle. Explore European gems as you relax and admire the extraordinary city landscapes and iconic attractions.   

Hungary Cityscape

Asia has become one of the most popular river cruise destinations — and for good reason! Travelers will uncover exotic turquoise waters, rich sights and smells, and fascinating attractions unparallel to anywhere else on Earth. Sail along the magnificent Mekong River as you uncover extraordinary rice fields, exotic temples, and historic attractions in Cambodia and Vietnam. Explore these breathtaking cruises for a truly unforgettable experience and build the memories of a lifetime!   

Mekong River


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