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What to do in 48 hrs in Lima, Peru
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What to do in 48 hrs in Lima, Peru

Embark on your 48 hrs in Lima adventure with a visit to the historic Plaza Mayor, the heart of the city. Surrounding the square, you’ll find architectural gems such as the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, and Archbishop’s Palace. Dive into Peru’s colonial past as you stroll through these significant landmarks. Don’t miss the ornate Basilica Cathedral of Lima, adorned with beautiful chapels and religious artifacts.

For lunch on your Peru tour, indulge in Lima’s renowned culinary scene with lunch at a traditional Peruvian restaurant. Savor local specialties like ceviche, a dish that epitomizes Peru’s love affair with fresh seafood, or try Lomo Saltado, a delightful stir-fry that fuses Chinese and Peruvian flavors. Pair your meal with a refreshing Pisco Sour, the national cocktail. In the afternoon, head to the Larco Museum housed in a beautifully preserved Viceregal mansion. Explore its extensive collection of pre-Columbian art, featuring ancient ceramics, textiles, and gold artifacts. The museum’s lush gardens provide a tranquil setting for further exploration. Continue your afternoon at Love Park (Parque del Amor), a picturesque cliffside park offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Admire the iconic sculpture “El Beso” (The Kiss) and enjoy a stroll along the coastline.

For dinner, venture into the bohemian district of Barranco, known for its artistic vibe and colourful streets. Choose a local eatery or a seaside restaurant to relish more Peruvian delicacies while surrounded by Barranco’s unique charm. Conclude your first day with a visit to the Magic Water Circuit, located in the Reserve Park. This mesmerizing fountain complex comes alive with colorful lights, music, and water displays. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere, capturing the perfect night scenes for lasting memories.

48 hrs in Lima

Start your second day with a visit to the district of Miraflores, known for its parks, shopping, and art. Explore the Miraflores Central Park and Kennedy Park, where you might encounter friendly cats lounging in the sun. Take a stroll along the Larcomar, a shopping and entertainment center overlooking the cliffs, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Dine at a restaurant in Miraflores to experience the district’s diverse culinary offerings. Whether you choose a seaside cevicheria or a trendy fusion restaurant, Miraflores caters to a range of palates. Continuing the afternoon, venture into Lima’s burgeoning art scene with a visit to the MALI (Lima Art Museum). Delve into Peruvian art spanning centuries, from pre-Columbian cultures to contemporary works. Wander through the bohemian district of Barranco once more, exploring art galleries, murals, and cultural spaces that showcase Lima’s creative spirit.

As the sun sets, head to Chorrillos, a coastal district known for its seafood. Enjoy dinner at a waterfront restaurant, savoring the ocean breeze along with delectable Peruvian dishes. Canta Rana is a popular spot offering a lively atmosphere and authentic flavors. Conclude your Lima sojourn with a visit to the vibrant Barranco nightlife. Explore the district’s bars, clubs, and live music venues, immersing yourself in the energy of Lima’s social scene. Experience a traditional Peña, a venue featuring live folk music, where you can dance to the rhythms of Afro-Peruvian and Andean tunes.


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