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10-Day Germany Itinerary Examples: Choose your Trip Style
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10-Day Germany Itinerary Examples: Choose your Trip Style

Welcome to the heart of Europe – Germany, a country that seamlessly blends a rich tapestry of history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities. From the medieval castles along the Rhine to the modern architecture of Berlin, Germany offers a captivating journey through time and culture.

Discover Germany’s Fascinating History

Step into a world where every cobblestone tells a story. Germany boasts a history that spans millennia, witnessed in its iconic landmarks, and has many day trips to

Discover the Berlin Wall’s remnants, once a symbol of division, now transformed into a symbol of unity. Explore the medieval charm of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and witness the fairy-tale grandeur of Neuschwanstein Castle and its charming medieval towns in the Bavarian Alps.

Explore Diverse Landscapes

Germany is a land of contrasts, where lush landscapes meet modern metropolises. Indulge in the scenic beauty of the Black Forest, hike through the Bavarian Alps or cruise along the romantic Rhine River. Each region offers a unique blend of nature and culture, making it a perfect destination for those seeking diverse experiences.

10 day germany itinerary

Vibrant Cities Await

Germany’s cities pulse with energy and innovation. Berlin, the capital and Germany’s biggest city, is a dynamic hub of art, culture, and history. Munich enchants with its Oktoberfest celebrations and traditional beer gardens. Hamburg with its Rathaus (City Hall) with its maritime charm, invites exploration of its bustling port. Every city has its own story to tell, and together they create a symphony of modernity and tradition.

Indus Travel – Your Gateway to a 10-Day German Adventure:

Indus Travel stands as your premier choice for experiencing the best of this country in a perfectly curated Germany itinerary 10 days. Our expertly designed packages ensure you don’t miss any of Germany’s highlights, offering a seamless blend of historical exploration, natural wonders, and urban adventures.

Embark on a journey through the annals of time with Indus Travel’s Germany Itinerary 10 Days. Witness the iconic landmarks, savor the culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the welcoming culture of this European gem. Let us be your guide as you traverse the enchanting landscapes and captivating history that make Germany a destination like no other. Explore the past, revel in the present, and create lasting memories on a 10-day German adventure with Indus Travel.

Itinerary 1: Best of Germany Tour by Indus Travels


Set off for a 10-day tour of Germany, immersing yourself in its rich culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes. Begin in the vibrant capital, Berlin, exploring historic centers, museums, and architectural marvels. Journey south to Dresden, known for its beautiful palace, and marvel at Bamberg’s picturesque “Little Venice.” Cruise along the Danube Valley in the pristine Danube Gorges, and discover the charm of Landshut, one of Germany’s most enchanting villages. Dive into the country’s history at the Christmas Museum in Rothenburg, which houses fascinating exhibits. Traverse alpine summits to Fussen for a panoramic view of the Neuschwanstein Castle, a 19th-century masterpiece. Explore classic German cities with unique architecture, including Cologne, Hamelin, and Hannover, before concluding your unforgettable journey back to Berlin. Experience the best of Germany in 10 days, a perfect blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty.


Check out 10 Day Best of Germany Tour

Day 1-3: Berlin and its Historic Sights

Arrive in Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital, and transfer to a centrally located hotel. Embark on a guided tour covering the historic center, Museum Island, the Berlin Wall, and major public parks. Gain profound insights into Germany’s history with a visit to the Holocaust Memorial.

Day 4-6: From Berlin to Nuremberg via Dresden and Bamberg

Travel from Berlin to the artistic city of Dresden along the Elbe River. Explore Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its well-preserved old town. Arrive in Nuremberg, the historic city in Bavaria, rich in cultural landmarks.

Day 7-9: Munich, Romantic Road, and Rhine Valley

Discover Munich’s highlights, including the New Town Hall and the central square. Journey along the Romantic Road, visiting medieval gems like Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Cruise the Rhine River, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Rhine Valley, adorned with picturesque towns and vineyards.

Day 10: Departure from Dusseldorf

Return to Berlin for any final explorations or shopping. Conclude your journey with departure details and reflections on the unforgettable experiences encountered throughout your 10-day adventure in Germany.

10 day germany itinerary

Itinerary 2: Treasures of Germany, Prague, and Austria Tour by Indus Travels


Embark on a captivating 10-day European adventure exploring Germany, Prague, and Austria. Begin in Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital, known for its nightlife, cuisine, and historic landmarks like the Berlin Wall Museum and the Brandenburg Gate. Journey through evergreen forests to Dresden, famed for Dresden Castle, its palaces, and architecture. Explore Prague, the Czech Republic’s medieval gem, visiting Prague Castle and enjoying a scenic boat tour on the Vltava River. Travel to Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and discover the BMW Welt and historic center. Cross into Austria, visiting Innsbruck, Kitzbuhel, Salzburg, and culminating in Vienna. Witness the stunning Alps and lavish palaces, including the Schonbrunn Palace, concluding your unforgettable Germany 10-day itinerary.


Check out 10 Day Treasures of Germany, Prague, and Austria tour

Day 1-3: Berlin’s Rich History and Journey to Prague

Embark on an exploration of Berlin, immersing yourself in its historic buildings, like the Berlin Cathedral and major public parks. Journey to Dresden, where you’ll admire its remarkable art and architecture, followed by an enchanting trip to the picturesque city of Prague.

Day 4-6: Prague’s Beauty and Onward to Innsbruck

Dedicate a full day to exploring the beauty of Prague, wandering through its old town, and discovering its historic landmarks. Travel to Munich and then Innsbruck, with insightful suggestions for sightseeing in both vibrant cities.

Day 7-9: Austrian Treasures and Vienna’s Elegance

Visit the Swarovski Crystal Museum, a treasure trove of Austrian craftsmanship. Explore Innsbruck’s charming old town before embarking on a journey to Vienna, where imperial sights and vibrant city life await.

Day 10: Departure

Reflect on your Germany trip and gather your final thoughts in Vienna. Receive departure details, concluding your unforgettable trip to Germany and Austria. Discover the best of these captivating destinations in just 10 days.

10 day germany itinerary

Itinerary 3: Romantic 10-Day Germany Self-Drive Tour by Indus Travels


Get ready for an exciting journey through Germany’s enchanting landscapes, Unesco World Heritage Sites, historic castles, and vibrant major cities on this self-drive adventure along the Romantic Road. Starting in Frankfurt, the modern hub of commerce, you’ll explore iconic world class museums and striking skyscrapers.

Travel to Heidelberg in southern Germany, a picturesque university town on the Neckar River, and discover its ancient charm and renowned castle. Head to the Black Forest Region, marveling at Lake Titisee and Lindau, with stunning Alps views. Explore the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle via Fussen for a few hours before crossing into Austria to experience the allure of Innsbruck nestled between the Karwendel and Tuxer Mountains.

Continue your drive to Munich, the Bavarian capital famous for Oktoberfest and sunny beer gardens, and visit Nuremberg, boasting a rich history center, gothic churches, and a well-preserved castle. Drive to the timeless city of Rothenburg, one of Germany’s oldest gems, before concluding your unforgettable journey back in Frankfurt. Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this country with this 10-day Germany itinerary.


Check out this Romantic 10-day self-drive tour of Germany.

Day 1-3: Frankfurt’s Modernity and Heidelberg’s Charm

  • Arrive in Frankfurt, exploring the city’s modern architecture and historic landmarks.
  • Journey to Heidelberg, a picturesque town on the Neckar River, known for its charming old town and iconic castle.
  • Explore the enchanting landscapes of the Black Forest, with stops in Neuschwanstein Castle and Innsbruck.

Day 4-6: Black Forest, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Innsbruck

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Black Forest, known for its dense woodlands and charming villages.
  • Visit the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, a fairytale-like masterpiece that inspired Disney.
  • Explore Innsbruck, nestled between the Karwendel and Tuxer Mountains, and Munich, the Bavarian capital.

Day 7-9: Munich’s Bavarian Culture and Nuremberg’s History

  • Dive into Munich’s Bavarian culture, visiting iconic landmarks like the Marienplatz and enjoying local cuisine.
  • Travel to Nuremberg, exploring its rich history, picturesque towns, and well-preserved castles.

Day 10: Return to Frankfurt and Departure

  • Return to Frankfurt train station, with time for any last-minute activities or explorations.
  • Depart with lasting memories of a self-drive adventure through the diverse landscapes and captivating history of Germany.
10 day germany itinerary

You can follow this particular itinerary or create your own Germany trip as per your wish as this is an independent tour. Discover major cities, explore, and savor the best of Germany at your own pace!

You can also explore Germany via train which is yet another way of delving deep into the beauty and culture of the country. European train tours are a new and more immersive way of exploring mesmerizing landscapes.

 Choose any of this 10 day itinerary Germany and explore the country in the best way! Feel free to reach out to us, and our experts will be happy to help.


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